Tuesday, 18 March 2014

200 Metre victory

Walking towards my territory, I was nearing the second to last lane. Blood galloping through my lonely body. Silence loomed as the tension built up inside of me. Moving slowly into postion. My fear level was booming as I shook, Like 2 tectonic plates colliding inside of me.

 " On your marks get set GO! " The marshall screeched in a deep exaustion. The gun shot off an amazing roar.I bounced into action. My legs took over, They were the boss. Leading the way was the proud me. " This is impossible" I started to wonder " How am I going to keep this up" Knowing what I had to do, Run straight and never slow down. 

Turning swiftly as I entered the straight, Long sharp lines confused me like I was fighting like a maze of never ending pathways. Sweat rained down my vicious red face. All I could think about is Mr Chittenden's saying " Turn our Fifths into fourths our fourths into thirds our thirds into seconds and our seconds into firsts" At that same time my eyes studied over time. 

 approaching  the long narrow finish line, Reaching anxiously trying to my victory. I was 1 metre from glory. Auroa school cheered for my sudden sucess. Breathless and worn, Tumbling over to retrieve what was mine... The glossy red stick. My legs had  retired  soon after my glory swept away now all they could is relax.


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  1. An astounding piece of writing Lexi, far beyond your sample at the start of the year. Check for a few repeated words. Well done!