Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The guilty party

My goal: 
not get caught
Become rich

Glowing beams pulled to my attention, but it was to late. A loud ringing noise attacked the thoughts of being a millioner. In seconds a bright red and blue light vividly began to shine through the clear bulletproof windows. Searching the room there was nowhere to hide with my fleecy black clothing among the neon coloured furniture. The pitch black couldn't save me now, suggesting with a worried frown surrounding my pale face.

Deciding to decrease my chance of being wealthy, All I could do was run. Bang, the door clashed like 2 tectonic plates colliding together, against the floor. A metal hatch held itself above my head, it could have been my only chance of survival ( if I could get up there ) 

Finally reaching the top, I took a breath of relief, thinking I was distant enough to get away with my crime, but maybe not. A long wall of police wearing navy blue uniforms and faces of justice upon their body held weapons that stood a mile long trapped me into a corner that I didn't know how to get out of. I was defenceless. " put your hands up" the Sargent demanded

My goal would of had to be concluded, I would of had to give in!

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