Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Who? What? Where?

Who? What? Where?

And she drifts into a deep sleep...

Painted on the light side is what seems to be the great and mysterious Differ ville ,where  everything is normal apart from when it's not.

Then, as Alexis turns the corner, everything around her turns too!

At the tip of her eye, the only thing Alexis could see was the blur of movement which was not from people,  " Zebra" she screeched as she realised she was losing her sense of mind.

Next thing she knew dogs were walking their people, legless lioness were chewing up shop keepers, and worst of all, a herd of galloping snakes made Alexis' blood racing body their main target . She could hear the noise of them nearing and feared that it would be the last noise she ever heard.


She was swooped up by her flying dog Friday. His wings were like lightning bolts gliding through the air, she heard the sound that she thought she would never hear, the sound of cats chirping and birds singing the sweet song of Meow - style that was when she realised herself gliding through the air. Friday had saved her, but that wasn't the last thing she would face.

After flying for hours and hours...

Friday’s arms became weaker and weaker until he was so fatigued. Splat Alexis's cold hard body hit the ground with a massive shock. Blood trickled down her head and a crowd of lawyers swarmed around her, " I have the perfect thing" one of the thousand called out  “a needle…”

Well Alexis jumped up and pushed through the gut wrenching pain of her injury. "There is no way anything is going to get injected into my body" she bellowed and...

Beep, beep, beep! Her alarm sung as she slowly opened her eyes, everything is finally back to normal.

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