Friday, 10 July 2015

Girls day out

Don't you girls just love to have a little time to relax and browse the shops, maybe get your nails done and eat chocolate?

Well that is exactly what My friend Kyah, her mum and I did

It was the start of a normal day, I just thought they were going to see a movie but no it was much more awesome than that. We straight away headed to the movies to book our seats watching the Minions then we headed to the shops ( Kyah and I even have matching shoes now). After a long look at everything girly we headed to the sushi shop ( a favourite food of us girls). I think I might have eaten way to much for my belly there. After  our long feed had finished it was back to the shops but this time to Bliss a professional beauty salon where Kyah and I got our nails looking glamorous in Blue and white with shimmering sparkles. It didn't take long to do that so we decided to head to the cafe for a delicious hot chocolate. Once that was done it was movie time, the movie was amazing, so much evil with scarlet overkill ( the most evil and devious woman on earth, well in Orlando I guess) 
Soon after that was finished it was time so say goodbye the city streets of Hawera, but at least I got to stay the night at Kyah's. 

There is one place to go if you want to see these guys 

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