Saturday, 15 August 2015

Happy Birthday( other) Little Bro

Wednesday 12th was Ben, my older little brother turned 8 so after school gran, grandpa, gran dad, grandma, mum, dad, lochie Ben and myself celebrated with a birthday tea. Ben got an official rugby world cup All Blacks Jersey and bag for sleepovers, soccer ball, chocolate and socks from us but he also got $50, a robot and a book from grandparents.

Friday afternoon the celebration carried on. Ben got some friends over for a sleepover, whilst I went with grandma to my uncles for two nights. We had fish and chips, went shopping, watched my cousin do amazing tricks at gymnastics and acted like real ladies while the boys ( Liam and Wil, our cousins, Sonny, their friend and Lochie) were hard farming me on the farm with my Uncle Rod.
It was definitely a weekend I will remember and by the end I was glad I went and wasn't amongst the boisterous and loud chaos at home.

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