Thursday, 17 March 2016

125th Jubilee

11-13th March 2016
11th March
- Today  we started the jubilee with a touching memorial ceremony. At this time we marched towards the cenotaph outside the school to lay our handmade poppies.
12th March
- Today we celebrated with our families. The day started with a parade with floats from all the districts including the Auroa school and the Otakeho float ( Mum, Dad, Ben and Lochie were on this one). After that we hung around the school, having rides on different attractions, buying ice creams, sausages and lollies! When this part of the day finished the night part started with a dinner and dance evening for the Adults.
13th March
- This very memorable event in the Auroa and district history and it ended with a church service on sunday morning.    

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