Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Auroa Olympics day

Yesterday, the whole of Auroa school competed, whanau vs whanau in the Auroa Olympics day. We organised games including Basketball, discus, equestrian, relays and many more, that we really fun! And to finish the day, our amazing parents helped out in the sausage sizzle before our closing ceremony, where the winners were announced!
Here is one of the many games - Gumboot throw run by Caleb and Ben

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  1. Hi Lexi!
    My name is Ingrid and I am visiting your blog from Autin, Texas. I am a part of #16stubc I am twelve years old and I am in 7th grade. What grade are you in? I love your blog!! It is so creative and inspiring.

    We had olympics day too in elementary school! I loved them because we got to spend a day outside instead of stuck in our desks. But we have never done horseback riding before! Do you have a place to ride at your school?
    I used to do horseback riding too!

    It's been so fun meeting you and I hope you can visit my blog at