Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Is there too much emphasis on sorts in schools?

This week, Room 1 is focusing on  persuasive text. One of the pieces I have written is about there being too much emphasis on sports in school, Here is my opinion.

Is there too much emphasis on sport in school?

I believe that there is too much emphasis on the sports we play, especially when some weeks only 1-3 days  are spent in classrooms.

Have you ever thought about how much time your kids actually spend doing work?
As a sport player myself, I know it takes a lot of commitment and you have to give up lunch breaks and after school time that could be focused on homework or catching up on work that hasn’t been done in the week. You also have to consider the fact that it takes time to travel and there are normally after functions for the teams.

Did you know that kids aren't actually full of energy all the time and that they have a limit on their physical ability. Since we are playing all these sports, our muscles start to ache. This is on top of the injuries that can occur during the game, so kids are forced to stay home. This means more time out of school. There is only so much physical activity a child's body  can handle. If a child sprains an ankle or breaks any bones, they will be out for the rest of the season and can sometimes be made to feel like they don't like the sport anymore.

Has anyone considered the costs of equipment. Shoes, balls., protection, uniforms all cost money that parents don't necessarily have. What about travel? To hire a bus, it will cost the school money that they could be spending on a child's education, and to get busy parents to provide transport all the time means that they are continuously burning fuel, money and time.

I don't think there should be as much emphasis on sport in schools because it takes time out of class, it affects the wellness and physical ability of children and it costs others time and money. Just think about it before you get the whole school out on the field everyday of the week.

By Lexi

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  1. Hi Lexi,
    I'm writing to you from Canada. I'm so impressed with your persuasive writing. You have given me lots of good ideas and a very different idea about how much my students want to be outside. I always thought that they would much rather be outside than in the classroom. Your writing is well-organized and includes lots of supporting details for each argument. You may want to include a counter-argument in your writing. For example, there is a lot of research that shows children are much healthier if they have at least 60 minutes of outdoor activity each day. Overall, a super job!

  2. Lexi
    Its fantastic that you've had a comment from a teacher from Canada whose been so impressed by your writing - but its a reflection of the quality of the writing and your argument. You've presented it in a really logical sequence and you've provided some compelling arguments while you are right!
    Mr Webb