Sunday, 28 August 2016

My Rubix Cube

One of my projects, featured in the Methanex fair was an entry in the 3d design. For this, I created a Rubix cube on Tinkercad. I started by creating a cube with 9 squares on each side with a gap in the middle to replicate a Rubix cube. I then connected my squares using term called grouping and resized my cube to be the size of a real Rubix cube. After the design process, I sent my cube to the 3d printer for it to print. Unfortunately, my design was too big and would take 60 hours to print ( 60 hours that I didn't have).Luckily after I resized it ( twice) My cube was small enough to print on time but big enough to still resemble a Rubix cube. Here is my cube on Tinkercad before I printed it.

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