Sunday, 7 May 2017

My Horse riding experience


The fresh air flowed through the strands of its mane as my leg slid onto one side of it’s back, without hesitation it bellowed to my commands and took off.

While gripping tight on the reigns, it trotted steadily along the long grass track, circling past each and every jump and pole, resisting the urge to take a leap. We went around continuously, as if we were a repetitive song, yet nothing changed.

Then I decided to go a little faster, my foot began to move forward, gaining momentum and strength, then wham! Back it went with an almighty blow, smashing into the bare surface of its bristly skin.

In that moment, my body froze as all that surrounded me grew more active and intense, this was not a game, I was connected, one wrong move could cost my life yet how could I feel so free?

By Lexi McQuaig

Image result for bareback horse riding view from on top of horse

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