Sunday, 7 May 2017

Shark attack narrative

“Welcome to the Gold Coast, Australia, Good luck and enjoy your time in our beautiful country!” The Flight attendant said, little did the Angelo family  know that this holiday would be one that they would remember forever.
The car door shuts and then comes the banter and whining “ I can't wait to go swimming, when we get to the Gold Coast can we go swimming straight away?” Little Bethany asked.

As they got out of the car, the rays of sun shone brightly upon their heads. The waves of laughter spread from one end of the beach to the other and the distant bells from the ice cream truck rung softly as it began to approach us. A crowd of people soon gathered in the midst of the chaos but there is one man who stood out, the guy in the bright pink board shorts. The look of his red moustache seduced her into a mystical daze, pulling her into a whirlwind of thoughts, what is in that moustache?, is it spaghetti noodles or gooey worms? This was obviously to Bethany's disgust as her mouth shaped the most horrid emotion at the sight of it. Suddenly the man noticed the little 10 year old staring, he became closer.  

“ Waters be- a- u- ti- ful isn't it girly?” The man questioned , “ just look at those picturesque waves, blue and brilliant and what about the sun, doesn't it's reflection make you feel warm and cosy, hey can you see that it looks, it looks like a school of Dolphins surfing down the east bay”. “ Can I swim with them?, please mummy!!”
“ I wouldn't” Rua (the pink board shorts guy) warned.

Before Mrs Angelo could say a word, Bethany had abandoned her clothes on the white sandy beach and was diving head first into the shallow depths of the ocean. She ventured out deeper and deeper until all that could be seen were her long blonde pigtails hanging from the top of her head. As the waves thrash heavily  against the walls, the clouds turn black and in that moment the air appeared thinner for Bethany as she gasps for breath, struggling to keep her head above the water. From the shore, Mr and Mrs Angello can not contain their worry, their girl is out there, Scared and helpless.

As eyes are kept closely focused on Bethany, the public soon turned to the Grey fin circling the ten year old girl. “ someone has to help her!”

From the shadow a man emerges, grasping a single red float between his muscular palms. He soon runs into the water but he was too late.

As the struggle to rescue little Bethany Angelo became harder and harder so did her will to survive. The animal came nearer, feeding on the blood drifting from the cut on her knee. It's getting closer, she is unaware. It's nose Rubs against her fragile spine and prepares to pounce.
Her lungs can't take it any longer and I that moment she begins to sink deep into the Abyss but before she gets to far down, the mouth of the shark snaps at her leg, taking only her left foot and allowing her to lose consciousness between the bellowing screams of pain and exhaustion.
Unfortunately for the stranger his attempts to rescue Bethany sunk as she did to the lonely ocean bed. He began to dive, lower from the surface until he found her, Laying helplessly. He drags her to the surface and pulls his hand from under her limp body to wave for assistance. They came armed and ready.

After a short distance via helicopter, Bethany along with her sorrowful parents arrived in the emergency department of the hospital. “ i can't even look at her” her mother sadly said, “it's all my fault”. While she watched her little girl, a siren of buzzers began alarming, she needed surgery and now!

After many tedious hours on the table, she emerged from theatre, all good but without before entire left leg. Many months passed as she began to walk again with the assistance of her prosthetic leg.

On the sixteenth of February 2014, her release from hospital was celebrated by her many loved ones and  as her wish, that would be the day she returned to face her nightmare at the beach that changed her life forever.

It still looked the same, with the same trees, same water and same sand, even the the people looked the same but she wasn't, she had one less leg. To her surprise the very ice cream truck arrived at the stroke of 1pm as it did and the first to meet it was... Rua. After getting his delectable chocolate swirl, he noticed the now eleven year old girl. His head tilted to show his red scalp,” I warned you” he said.
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