Monday, 17 March 2014


By Anna Kenna

Diggity is a born survivor . His name is Diggity because of his strong  love of digging . When The time has come for a trip to the beach Diggity' s Round cream body  started wiggling, His tail starts whipping the wall  and his pink slobbering tongue  rolls over his yellow teeth and it all started when the girl ( Narrator) taunted " Want to go to the beach"  . Next minute they were coasting down the hill to the beach. Dad nosed the car next to the sea wall and yanked on the handbrake. The door swung open. Diggity was rushing around like a headless chook trying to vacume up the crusts and chips before gliding out onto the soft golden sand , to let out an welcoming bark. Suddenly his head went down and his paws became a blur of action as the wet sand sprayed over him. Meanwhile the Mum was reading her woman's weekly magazine  about escaped and tortured lives of celebrities with eating disorders , Dad relaxed in his deck chair and Lucy sat in the sand with her  new yellow togs on, her  hat and the SPF 30 that was glistening on every bare inch of her skin. Girl ( Narrator)  Didn't feel like a swim just yet so she helped her little sister Lucy build a sandcastle until she came to notice Diggity was missing, One minute he was there digging furiously and the next minute he was gone. There was no sign of Diggity until they came to find a furious brown unknown dog came in sight. She walked over to find Diggity being torn to the ground. Diggity's round cream body streaked with juicy red blood " Get out of  it" Dad shouted hurling a huge piece of driftwood thumping against the dogs broad rippled back. people were yelling and thumping with anything they could find to get the dog away from Diggity. Diggity's struggles became weaker and his high pitched squeals turned to a low, pained moan. Suddenly there was whoosh and a cascade of water that soaked the 2 dogs and could of saved Diggity's life. The next day there was day there was a very lucky phone call. Diggity had survived with all his injuries. He is a brave Soldier .

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