Monday, 24 March 2014

Freestyle victory

Lifting anxiously, Trying to resiste as my arms went high above my head. Putting one foot on the slippery diving board. A great amount of fear fluttered inside of my damp body. Water bounced off my gleaming red togs. As I took no notice of anything but being on the other side. I was a statue made from the strongest cement.

The silver whistle sreeched as if it was being chased to it's death, For us to take our marks. "Go" Mr Tai barked as he bashed his fingers onto the shiny red button, Letting the buzzer go wild. Taking my final breath of air, Time was ticking. "Splat" I was thunder against the thin surface of water. My breath was running. Taking a glance down , The pool's water was a deep rich blue like the layers of the ocean.  Switching the control over to my arms and legs, To stroke and kick as hard as they could carry me. Distances were unbearable. My air would soon disappear into the droplets of water that stood around me I thought. Slowly lifting my head closely, My mouth puffed open to scoop up the energy floating by.

Approaching the end of the dark cold black lines, I knew what was about to happen. Taking my final stroke, A blanket of luck and light covered my tired soul. Glancing side to side at my enemies 
"What have I become"  Thinking cheekily. Katelyn Might have been ahead of me But I did my best. Waiting patiently as my reward was decided. A rod was chosen to be mine. At 4th place a rod was held up high as I gave my points in.

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  1. Wow! Congratulations and that's a great recount. Felt like I was at the pool. Great post!