Thursday, 20 March 2014

The haunted house contiuned

Squinting my eyes, I peered slowly into the window. Shards of jagged glass towered in a corner. A stench of all dead creatures lifted up from under the house.Rats growling popping in and out of each moss filled crack. The damp musty carpet littered with human bones. Just pering through the through the rotton old door  at the human bones gave me a threatning feeling.

Moving closer, ready to turn the rusted knob. Trying to resiste as my arm moves a knoch closer. The house tilting side to side like a kite fighting against the cold air.Spirits watching me from above. Taking a few more steps into darkness. I could hear cackles that suspiciously sounded like a creature of magic.

Looming down the stairs to stage 2 of darkness begins. The mysterious creatures cackles grew stronger and creepier by the second. Spider webs splached the faded old walls with wall paper torn and worn hanging by a single drop of glue. The cracks grew dark and gloomy and bigger with each step. The stairs sqeaked with  a  single touch. I bent my twisted rubbery body to find in a lit up room , A mystical witch. What was she doing? With white hair, 3 ruby red coloured eyes and a knife pointer than a needle on a spinning wheel. Body parts coloured the room. Was she making human soup? I wondered She turned anxiously to see one thing ME ! Run! Run! Run!

WALT: describe our haunted house to make it feel like the reader was there with you.

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