Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A tear of sorrow

Have you ever been separated from your parents without a hint of what to do? 

Plummeting into the limber seats. Mum pushing down in spite of the on button. Slopping in mid way if the door way. A fatigue tear drop composed out of the corner of my eye. Dejectedness was attacking my emotions every second I looked at the polished smile on mums face. 

Clash the sound of the car door echoed repeatedly, beep the cars horn roared in a balance of directions. A spark of light flared deep into the disappointment of mum and dad taking a holiday so far away. It was like Wellington would never be a step so far but on the other side of the world.

Lighting up the way as if the were in the spotlight as the car reversed out of the garage. " see you in a few days" mum mumbled anxiously waiting to get out of sight. Vanishing into the thin air that I was heavily breathing in. Depression had got the better of me once again. Tears of sorrow drizzled  like a deluge down my lonely face. My cheeks evolved into a sobbing pink mess.

Howling in the murky dimness of a corner of my room. Time was unopened, folding it into squares and cutting the squares of time into hearts of loneliness  and stars of melancholy. I would never of thought it would turn out like this a tear of sadness. 

Rage and jealous ness grew into my emotions, feeling like a vampire had sucked every last hope of happiness out of my soul. Instantaneously grandma's compassionate voice exposed itself out of the dark " try not to think about it, that will only make it worse" she primarily explained 

Aware now this is partial, I knew it was time to face the facts.

A few days wasn't so long I perceived , Mum and Dad would be back before I even knew it was Wednesday.

WALT: use more complex words and punctuation to make the story flow.

This is an partly true story.                                                          

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