Thursday, 9 July 2015

Early Cupcake day

8th July 2015 My friend Abby and I baked some caramel flavoured cupcakes, then decorated them as pig faces and went out into our garden and picked so fresh rhubarb as an early cupcake day fundraiser. After that we headed down the road to sell them, the first place we went to we sold out on all the Rhubarb ( sold at $2 for 6 sticks) and 4 cupcakes gaining $8 then we drove back up to another house and sold 2 cupcakes at $1 each and finally Abby and I had to go to one more house, where we sold 6 cupcakes. Once we had sold out, Mum took us back home to write a letter to the Hawera SPCA, telling them exactly what we did and how much we earned, we also enclosed the money we got and a photo of us doing the duty. I thought it felt quite rewarding doing something for a good cause, if you try it I know that you will too!.

 This was an outstanding result for our first real fundraiser as a club called L.A as we managed to earn $16  in total. The real cupcake day is on 24th August and we are hoping to sell them around the neighbourhood and at Auroa school so if you live near by and want to support us or donate online, we are trying to settle a date soon to sell more.

SPCA Cupcake day

 Lexi and Abby 

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