Friday, 10 July 2015

Happy Birthday, Little Bro

Happy Birthday Lochie

Today is a very special day as it is my little brother Lochie's birthday
From 11 am -2 pm Lochie celebrated with his friends on his 6th birthday. They all streamed n the door one after another, sounding like the loudest bunch of howler monkeys there is, but being loud is their kind of fun. We had prepared party games, food and 4 whole hours of fun. After a full range of activities such as farm talk, building and getting really dirty. After a giant feast of completely junk food, Ebony and I organised  a treasure hunt. You had a colour of a stick and a lollipop, you had to find 2 of the certain coloured sticks with your name on it then once you have got it you had to come to either Ebony or myself to collect a hot wheels car for their choice, then you had to find 2 of the same coloured lollipops as the sticks, first few people to collect both items get a Freddo frog.
It was a great party but once everyone had left I fell onto the couch and closed my eyes.

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