Thursday, 17 September 2015

Roald Dahl Day 2015!

Wow!, what a week it has been, I have participated in so many things and to finish the week off, I was chosen the represent the school along with Meg Gibson, Kaiah Bloor and Madaline Symes for a Roald Dahl day quiz. We left school at 10am to go to the Hawera Library where we had about five rounds. The first 2 were multi choice questions like what were the 3 farmers names in Fantastic Mr Fox?. The 3rd round was so much fun, each team had to place a cookie on their foreheads and then had to attempt to get the cookie into their mouths without using hands.
Following this activity we were each given a stick with a number, which was the number we did our activities in. Madaline was first and with a handful of buttons, 2 bowls and a straw she had to suck each button ( this was kind of like using a magnet) and place them in the second bowl. Next was Meg, she was given 10 sticks of fettuccini and some marshmallows with this she had to next build a tower as high as she could to  and make it stand for 20 seconds at least. After Meg it was Kaiah's turn. Kaiah was also given 2 bowls but this time she had afew ping  pong balls and a spoon. Kaiah then had 1 minute to put the spoon in her mouth and scoop the balls into a second bowl. We came first in this activity. Before long it was my turn. I had to go over to a basket of goods and memorize everything that was in the basket, then I had to go back over to my group and record everything I remembered. We soon had a 4th and fifth round where in the 4th we had to been asked single answer questions and in the 5th where we had to make as many words  that we could out of Roald Dahl's wacky made up words. While we waited for the results the libarian ran a game of heads down thumbs up. Then it was it, We got the results.

                                               '1st place'

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  1. Lexi
    As a school we were thrilled with how you managed to win the title last week. It was a brilliant result and fantastic that you blogged about it. I am going to share the link to this post with the staff at the Hawera Library because I have already mentioned it to them and they have expressed an interest in seeing what you have written.
    Mr Webb