Wednesday, 20 April 2016


During the last week of term, a group of senior students ( including me) were chosen to become a Lake Rotokare ranger for the day. This meant that we would get a day off schoolwork to travel to Lake Rotokare and we would get to set up the tracking tunnels and hunt for a very rare species called the Peripatus.

Tracking tunnels
Firstly we went into the bush to set up tracking tunnels. Around the reserve there is a massive 2 metre fence that has blue numbers on them. We were split into groups and were set a certain area. My group had to set the tunnels for 10, 11 and 12. We all had to get into the bush then follow pink tags on the trees so we didn't get lost. Every few tags there was a black plastic tunnel. We had to get one of our cards ( given) and write the number of the box on them. If it was an odd number we would put a piece of rabbit meat and some peanut butter and if it was an even number we would just put peanut butter. After the food was in we would slide the card into the box and pin it down.

Peripatus hunting

Peripatus are a very rare species. They look as if they are possibly a black slug with legs are maybe a fat Caterpillar. Scientist are currently doing research on the species and have marked out certain areas that the Peripatus have been found in times before. They live in damp and rotten logs and also can be found in leaf litter ( so this is what we were searching in). After about 30 minutes, One of the parents, Mr Fowler found what we had been looking for, a Peripatus. Other than just looking for the Peripatus we were also collecting interesting bugs to observe on. 

The day,( although I am not the most adventurous person) I found was extremely interesting and extremely fun. If you ever want something to do or would like to learn more you can visit Lake Rotokare. They have an education centre and you can also walk around the lake or have a picnic. These are just a few things that you can do at the beautiful Lake Rotokare. 

Visit Mrs Derbyshire's blog ( she is on leave for 6 months working at Lake Rotokare) 

Here is the Official Lake Rotokare website

Everyone in the classroom 

The group of students after a hard days work

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