Friday, 15 April 2016

Volleyball net

In reading, we have been completing a number of activities that involve sports. For one of the challenges, I had to build a piece of sports equipment and write a procedure after. 

How to make a volleyball net

To make the net, cut an 2cm wide line across the longest side of an A4 piece of paper, then cut the remaining piece of paper into strips ½ cm wide. 
Lay the wide strip on a flat surface, using a glue stick stick halve of the smaller strips to the top of the wide strip.
with the rest of the strips start to glue them going the opposite way so it looks as if you are weaving it.
Roll 1 whole A4 piece of paper into a cylinder and repeat a second time while either gluing or putting sellotape  on the edge
Get a whole piece of A4 paper and another piece for the connections cut the first piece into a 2cm strip and glue it to the top of the net, then glue the other end tightly around the tubes. 
With the second piece of paper, lay it flat on the desk and stick the tubes to it with the end with the Net sticking up
Make sure everything is secure and finally you will have your net 

Note : you can also make a ball by scrunching up a piece of paper into a ball

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