Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Elsie Locke writing competition

Currently there is a writing competition for young writers in years 7-8, this is called the Else Locke writing competition. This year I decided to enter with the topic of taking a stand. Here is my story written for the competition. 


“Remember class, your speech is due in next week” 
The bell howled in my ear, as I approached the solid pine door standing at the top of class. I pull the door towards my limp body and with all my might and step out into the burning rays of the midday sun.
“ Where’s your lunch?” Mrs smith scrutinised ,
“ I ate it” .
The eyes of a million students darted across the court. I could sense the melancholy surrounding Mrs Smith, along with all the other teachers staring. A clock soon rings and one by one, students venture into the playground. I marched off to the field as I did, I could hear chatter in the background. 
The clouds suddenly doomed over little Noah's head.
“Nobody likes you, you’re just the kid with no home, no money and no friends, just leave us alone! ” they warned. 
A single tear came falling from his hazel eyes, as he ran off into the shadows. Little did he know, eyes were watching.
For many minutes, Noah sat in a dark corner, enclosed with stacks of rubbish. He lay in self pity. Just as he was about to fall into a sorrowful doze against the rugged brick wall, a girl emerged from the darkness. Noah jumped from the ground.
 “ w-w-who are you?”
 “ it doesn't matter” she replied “ I saw Liam and Clara with you and I couldn’t help noticing that you were crying” 
“ I am fine” he replied although clearly suffering. 

A week later, class speeches came and it was time to share.  Noah did not have his topic and he slouched at the back of the class, drowning in shame. Student after student came and presented their speech talking about all sorts of worldwide problems. Finally the last, was to be presented. A girl stood in front of the class. Noah's eyes suddenly popped out as he was bewildered by the person standing before him, the girl who saw everything. 
“My speech, Mrs smith, is about being unique. My name is Ava Johnson and recently a boy started at our school, although I hardly knew him, at the time, I thought that he was a kind, considerate boy that just wanted to make friends. Now here is the sad part, he is a little different and each night he walks home from school and under the stars, he lays his head on the rough dirt floor, with only his dad as comfort. When he tried to make some  friends, he was rejected because of this, and it is not right, he is the same as us, because he is a human being who is unique in his own way, like everyone of us. I guess the message is to treat others the way you want to be treated”

Ava could see the regret written across the faces of Clara and Liam as they hung their heads low, almost with shame. Ava spoke the last words of her speech, then the bell screeched and the class walked in single file towards the pine door at the top of class. After yet another foodless lunch, Noah slowly walked towards the same dark corner where the same red bricks towered high into the sky. This was the only safe haven in the high school and the place Noah had dwelled in for the past week. His fatigued body laid across the pavement. Suddenly the clouds once again doomed over Noah, but this time they whispered
“ are you hungry Noah?” 

By Lexi McQuaig

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