Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Along with my other information reports, I have made an information report about Volleyball.


 Volleyball is a sport involving skill and speed. Although it is not very well known, it has become popular since its involvement in the Olympics. 
The Game
To play volleyball you need 2 teams of e6 player separated by a net 32 feet long and 39 inches tall. The aim of the game is to get the ball over the net by using a technique called spiking ( when you hit the ball away with your fist clenched together) you do this continuously, hitting back  and forward between teams without letting the ball touch the ground ( when it is on your side). You score a point every time the opposing team fails to hit the ball. Although the rules wary when playing socially and professionally, most games are played on a court 18x9 metres in size with 3 players at the front of their side of the court and 3 at the back. Professional games play for 60 minutes, while social games last for 45 minutes.
The game originated in America over 117 years ago and was invented by William G Moran using characteristics from the games tennis and handball. In 1924 at the summer olympics, Paris, the Americans gave a demonstration of the sport before it was officially introduced as an olympics sport in 1964. In 1957, a volleyball tournament was held in sofia, Bulgaria, this led to the future of volleyball with over 800 million people playing worldwide in 2011.  
Volleyball was once a sport no one knew about but now it is a nation wide sport and an popular olympic category to participate in. 

By Lexi

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