Saturday, 10 September 2016

My Tree

On Friday, a group of boys headed to Auckland to compete in the Robotics nationals competition and needed extra props for their display- trees. So as a part of our class activities was to pick a partner and  make the best tree. Here is the tree I made with my friend Madaline. 
Here is the template we used. You can find it if you google free standing trees, it should come up as one of the first websites, the website I used also included exact instructions on how to make and assemble the tree. 

My tree is the one in the far corner closest to the box- I could not get a clear photo but you should hopefully get the idea. 

All you have to do to make the tree is either print a copy of the tree template or draw one yourself, you have to do this so you have four copies, then stick the sides together until it resembles a free standing tree. Once you have created the base, cut leaves out of the coloured paper of your choice and sick them to each branch. 

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