Sunday, 23 October 2016


During the last few weeks in Term 3, Rooms one and two spent their writing block creating and reciting speeches. In week 1 of Term 4, we had to present our speeches infront of the class. The best speeches went into the next round, where we competed against each other again but this time for the rest of the senior school. I was one of the lucky people that got into the third round. This time, Joe, Lara and I were asked to go to the Methodist church in Kaponga to present our speeches for students from other schools and this Kaponga Lions club. We started by showing our written speech and then were sent out of the room and one by one had to do an impromtu speech. The topic was  ' should teachers give students homework?' My opinion was yes, they should so the. I got a minute to think and write notes. This speech had to be at least a minute long and luckily I managed to talk for just over a minute. 

After many other people spoke from different schools, the results were announced and to my surprise, I won the whole competition and Joe came second! For this I received a certificate, a $50 paper plus voucher and a chance to do it all again at the TSB hub in hawera in the following weekend! 

My speech topic was about Glossophobia- A fear of public speaking or speaking in general! 

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  1. Hello Lexi, my name is Rio from Merrydale Junior School. I enjoyed reading your blog post about speeches. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and I have 2 questions for you. How did you feel when you were announced in assembly? Did you see it coming?