Wednesday, 22 February 2017

A time when I was anxious!

WALT: Include our feelings in our writing. 


I was taken by surprise, there were no excuses.

I sat there, waiting, with the distant tick of the clock sounding in the background. One by one, they went by, in and out like it was nothing. After a while, I was the only girl left. That was when I was called. The turning of the door handle clicked and I was asked, “who am I ?” There was no turning away now. 

“ Please take a seat” she said, “ I will just get ready”. 
As I sat, the sound of her skin being pierced next to me, made my body squirm, that would soon be me. Soon she began to uncover the needle. Wanting to scream, “ just hurry up” I thought. 

The cover is now off, and the liquid is oozing from the sharp tip, squirting over the surface of the table. It's coming towards me, her hand fixed against the skin of my arm. I could feel the needle pressing into my skin, but instead of screaming, all I want to do is for it to be over. It's nearly in, just about to pierce the final layers of skin, then…..

Crunch, it's all over. 

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