Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Athletics day

Five years on, Auroa have once again taken home the shield at the annual inter school athletics day. We started strong, coming in the top three for each race, one by one, we pounded the track, claiming victory and points as we all raced our hardest towards the finish line. The day was once again run amazingly with the help from all participating schools, the teachers, support staff, sponsors and most importantly the parents and helpers of the Kaponga athletics club. After walking the banner down the track as head girl 2017, the moment of truth came..... Auroa won and not only that along with Finn, I would get to hold the shield on behalf of Auroa school. Although I won't be able to participate next year, as will be at high school, I can't wait to hear the results and hopefully Auroa school can bring the shield back for another year. 

1 comment:

  1. Lexi
    Great effort from everyone and wonderful fantastic that we managed to win the shield again (and its now six years in a row!) I have some photographs of you holding the shield that I can send through.
    Mr Webb