Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Weetbix try- athalon 2017

6 years on, I have completed in my final sanatarium Weetbix triathlon. This year, the swim was harder with about 150-200 metres to swim, the bike as tough, with 10 kilometres to cycle over steep hills and slippery terrain and 1 kilometre run as exhausting at the end of it all. It is amazing to see how many people join together at ngamotu beach to participate in the event. There were business with tents in the area, giving away freebies, advertising/ promoting their products and holding games to play  and a variety of prizes worth a lot. Hopefully, I will be able to come back next year, although not as a competitor to watch the students of Auroa including my two brothers, who have a few years left to participate.

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